Loungewear — Ballerina slippers



  • Soft and warm pure cashmere ballerina slippers with suede sole;
  • Available in the neutral and elegant dove-grey color;
  • Perfect for staying at home with a touch of glamour.


Shuj | Ballerina slippers | Tortora



The items of this collection are hand-made to order and cannot be sold online.
Just write to us, we will be glad to help and answer your questions!


Shuj dresses your privacy, guides you through that life zone in which the turmoil dies down and your mild desires of intimacy, privacy, warmth and rest surface again.

You will get back to your inner balance through pure and naturally processed materials, as if their natural gentleness somehow gives new life to what is best in yourself.

Just as love pushes you away from selfishness, these attentive objects incite an intimate etiquette, a concept of elegance based on kind and reviving materials rather than on appearance, whose essential design is able to express your style.