Shuj, your private style.

There's an outside and an inside. A social life and a private life,
few hours for our daily rebirth.

Shuj creates a world of

balance and beauty 

Just as Nature creates silk cocoons as a shelter for butterflies, so Shuj is your cuddle of wellbeing.


Embrace me with silk

Shuj will give you a sublime sleep experience

Precious materials such as linen, cotton, silk, bamboo and cashmere ensure a sleep that you won’t want to end.  


Make me dream


Shuj wraps you like a weightless

second skin

Best-quality Mongol cashmere and pure silk are available in the natural fiber colors so that nothing gets lost in their exclusive softness and impalpability.


Dress me softly

Shuj spoils your skin
with a luxury embrace

Silk is made into an impressive liquid for your precious beauty routine.


Spoil me with silk