Shuj |  | Not content with making you sleep embraced by silk,<br/><strong>we have made it liquid</strong> to offer you a luxury ritual for your beauty routine.
Shuj, your private style.

There's an outside and an inside. A social life and a private life,
few hours for our daily rebirth.

Shuj creates a world of

balance and beauty 

Just as Nature creates silk cocoons as a shelter for butterflies, so Shuj is your cuddle of wellbeing.


Embrace me with silk


Shuj will give you a sublime sleep experience

Precious materials such as linen, cotton, silk, bamboo and cashmere ensure a sleep that you won’t want to end.  


Make me dream


Shuj wraps you like a weightless

second skin

Best-quality Mongol cashmere and pure silk are available in the natural fiber colors so that nothing gets lost in their exclusive softness and impalpability.


Dress me softly